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The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Castle Morpeth Scout District Council will be on 7 October 2021 at 7pm and held using Zoom video conferencing.

The Scout Council includes; all adult members and leaders in the district, all members of the Scout Network, all Explorers and parents of Explorer Scouts.

Nominations for members of the District Executive Committee are very welcome. If you are interested or would like some more information please contact secretary@castlemorpethscouts.org.uk

Annual General Meeting

Castle Morpeth District Scout Council

Thursday 29 October 2020 7pm

Zoom Video Conference


District Chaplain Rev Simon White had kindly recorded a reflection on Scouting during a pandemic which was played before the start of the official business Apologies received from; Rev Simon White, David Armstrong, Liz Waterfield, Beth Stuart-Cole, Steve Watson, Tracy Black.

1. Minutes of 2019 AGM were accepted

2. Annual Report of the District Executive Committee, including the statement of accounts for the year ending 30th April 2020 was presented and considered. District Commissioner Neil Fraser noted that numbers of young members and adult volunteers had reduced. He recognised the exceptional circumstances have been challenging and congratulated the leaders and young people who continued to provide and participate in Scouting activity through the restrictions introduced during the Covid-19 pandemic. Treasurer Chris Holt summarised the accounts for the year ending 30 April 1019

The Council approved the reappointment of Simon Pringle as the independent examiner for the District accounts.

3. District Commissioner’s nomination of Duncan McDonald as the District Chairman was unanimously approved by the meeting.

4. Proposal that Castle Morpeth District Scouts adopt the current Scout Association Policy Organisation and Rules was unanimously approved by the meeting.

5. Election of District Executive Officers

Treasurer Chris Holt

Secretary Peter Berry were elected

6. Election of five members of the District Executive Committee

Barry Hirst

Ellen Logan

Graham Langston

Richard Walker

Steve Watson were elected

7. Approve nominations as members of the District Executive Committee

Rev Simon White

Jennifer Barnes were approved

8. Election of District Representative on the County Scout Council.

Neil Fraser was re-elected.

9. AOB. None

The Mayor of Castle Morpeth Coun David Bawn was a guest at the meeting but not taken part in the voting. He congratulated the District on the AGM. Remembered fondly his time in 5th Morpeth and receiving the Chief Scouts Award. He praised the District Scouts for coping with the difficult times and said he was pleased to see Scouting going strong and working well.

The meeting finished at 7.30pm