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Adventurous activities

For general information about Adventurous Activities go to the activity pages on  Activities

For information about specific activities, see the Activities A-Z pages on  They contain all the information you need about adventurous activities, rules, permit requirements etc. – or use the quick links for common activities below:



High ropes and crate stacking

Water activities

Risk Assessments

In the many activities we can offer, we provide challenges that seek to encourage the development of young people. These are often ones they do not face every day and they can experience a great sense of achievement in completing them. Some degree of risk is unavoidable if the sense of adventure and excitement is to be achieved, but it is – and should be – much less than the participant perceives. We seek to provide: “Excitement but not Danger – Adventure but not Hazard.”
Accordingly we need to assess and control the risks associated with activities in order to minimise the chance of injury.

Download this general activities risk assessment matrix  General Risk Assessment

Go to the Scouts guidance on Risk Assessment