Network FAQ’s

About Scout Network
All members of The Scout Association between 18 and 25 years are members of the Scout Network.
Members of the Scout Network can be:
• A member of a local Network
• A Leader with another Section
• A helper of Skills Instruction
• A member of the Scout Fellowship
• A member in another capacity


Network – what’s it all about?
Network members are a ‘network’ of like minded people between the ages of 18 and 25, who link together to take part in events and activities. Network members take part in as many or as few activities as they wish, depending on their other commitments. All members in Northumberland Scout County of this age, including adult leaders and helpers are members.

How does the Network work in Northumberland?
There are local Network Units in the Districts around the County. Each of these Networks is run by its members. They decide on how the Network is run, where to meet and what activities to organise. But the best bit is that once you become a member of one Network, you automatically become a member of all Network Units in the UK, so if another Network is doing something you’d like to take part in, then get in touch and join them for that activity.

So we’re in charge?
Yes, that’s right. Network is run by its members! They decide how it runs, where it meets, when it meets, what to do and then get on and organise it. All the Networks have Network Leaders who will help and advise if the members need it

But I’m going away from the District or Northumberland, what can I do?
If there isn’t a local Network in your area or if you’re going away to work or study then don’t worry! You can still join and take part in County events and activities which other local Networks have organised. And once you are a Network member you can join in activities wherever in the UK you happen to be and then join in with your local Unit again when you come back. It really is as flexible as you want it to be!
What if I’m going away to University?
If you are at uni there will be lots of new things to focus on, but that doesn’t mean Scouting has to be put on hold. You can be a member of a Scout Network in Northumberland and also become a member of the Scout Network in your new city or town. This gives you the opportunity to make new friends and continue with the types of activities you enjoy.

What kind of events and activities are organised?
Scout Network programmes will reflect the huge variation in Members’ interests. Some local Networks will have activities that concentrate on one area of the programme, whilst others will have a wider range. The things you can do in the Network are only limited by your imagination. Camps, outdoor activities , social and residential weekends will be a regular feature of most programs. And if there’s nothing you fancy, why not suggest an event?

Duke of Edinburgh and other awards
By joining the Scout Network, you can also complete or register to work towards Duke of Edinburgh Awards, and also complete the Queen’s Scout Award, an award more challenging than the Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award. The Network will advise and help you to register for the award, gain the relevant training and experience, and support you.

What else can I do in Network?
As a Network member it really is your choice what aspect of Scouting to follow. Aside from attending Network Unit activities, you may choose to be an adult leader and start the training even if you only have a little time; you could train in an adventurous activity (water sports, climbing etc) to instruct younger Scouts, or any other role in Scouting to suit your availability and interests. If your not sure what roles are available, have a word with your District Commissioner, call 0845 300 1818 or mail

What do I have to do to join?
If you are already an Explorer, you simply need to continue your Membership of the Scout Association by registering with a Network Unit. Just see your Explorer Leader or District Commissioner (remember that previous subs will maintain your membership up to the following 31 Jan). If you are not already in Scouting, by joining the Network you are becoming a member of the Scout Association, the largest co-educational voluntary youth organisation in the United Kingdom. You must therefore accept the Scout Promise, a declaration of the core values that underpins all that we do. You can find out more at or call 0845 300 1818

Still not sure?
Why not just go along to a Unit meeting or activity and try it out – no obligation !

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