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Busy start to a new Scouting year

21 September 2014

It’s been a really busy start to the new Scouting year for a Scouts and Explorers. To build up to it, over the summer holidays 4th Morpeth were at the Red Rose camp in Lancashire for a week, and Ponteland Scouts were camping and having great outdoor adventures nearer to home.
Getting in the mood for the start of the new year, our Morpeth and Ponteland Explorers Gold DofE groups successfully completed their 4-day unassisted expeditions in the glorious Yorkshire Dales (although the Morpeth group had less-than-glorious Yorkshire summer weather!!!).
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2014-08-30 16.44.10E

2014-08-30 17.12.05
This weekend over 30 Scouts from 6th Morpeth and Stannington Ridley groups have completed their 2-day Expedition Challenge, hiking, camping and cooking for themselves in rural Northumberland. Also away this weekend are the Morpeth Explorers Silver DofE group on their expedition in Waerdale and the Durham Dales.

Next weekend, our 21-strong Bronze DofE group will be on expedition around Hadrian’s Wall, and the weekend after many of our Scouts and Explorer Scouts will be taking part in Operation Twilight, a massive evade and search competition in Northumberland – more news on these later.

What a fantastic, active start to the year with much, much more in store !!