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Beavers all badged out

28 May 2014

2014-05-23 18.48.45Four Beaver Scouts from 4th Morpeth Friday colony have reached the heights of Beaver Scouting by earning all the badges that were available  – 28 of them in all, including the highest award that a Beaver can achieve – the Chief Scout’s Bronze Award.

Clive Rich, District Commissioner congratulated the four for the hard work that they put in during their Beaver meetings and at home, then presented each with a medal, a certificate and a large “Beaver – well done”  badge – if they have anywhere left on their jumpers to put it !!

They will shortly all move on to Cubs where they can hopefully start a new challenge.  But there’s bad news for any Beavers wanting to repeat this feat – the Scout Association has since introduced 9 new badges for them to earn (Campcraft, Cyclist, Sports, Collector, Gardener, Space, Communicator, Photographer and Disability awareness)

The four are pictured below with their Beaver Leader Jess Jones and the rest of the Beaver leadership team, Mirren, Robert, Andrew and Sarah.  We also took the opportunity of a celebration to invest Mirren and Sarah.


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